Kamis, 07 Mei 2015

“English Word Dislocation”

ü  Blackberry
Black berry sense of the word is a black berry fruit, but this term is used to brand a mobile phone.

ü  Fly
The real meaning of fly is like flying in the sky like a bird or airplane. But fly also mean when you’re drunk, under control of drugs or alcohol.

ü  Play Boy
This word means the boys are playing, but the term can be interpreted a man who has a lot of women.

ü  Cat walk
This is the meaning of street cats, but the actual term of this word is used to introduce a model contest clothing or other products.

ü  Sunlight
Sunlight is the actual meaning of the word, but this term is a brand of dishwashing soap.

ü  Hot Dog
The hot dog is the name of the food, but the word is actually a hot dog.

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